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Meet Allan Roth & Rachel Caruso, Partners of Roth D’Aquanni Law Firm

If you have ever seen a Roselle Council meeting or been to a Board of Education meeting, you have seen Allan and Rachel. Allan is the lawyer for the Board of Ed., and Rachel is the Borough attorney, both from the same law firm. Their job is to provide legal advice and counsel when requested by the Board or Council, but in Roselle, these two lawyers run the show.

On a deal as complex as the Mind & Body Complex, the Borough and Board of Ed. should have independent lawyers with no conflicts of interest. Rachel claims she never discussed the Mind & Body Complex project with Allan, but we obtained countless emails proving otherwise, including many to and from her Roth D’Aquanni email address.

At the end of the day, no matter what happens, they are both taking home six-figure salaries paid by our tax dollars. Roselle needs to stay AWARE of the entities controlling our Borough and where our money is going.

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Contribution History--- Allan Roth

Contribution History--- Rachel Caruso