Puppet Council

Last week at the Emergency Special Council Meeting, Councilman Atkins said he and his Council colleagues have the numbers that will show the true cost of the Mind & Body project, and they would make them available to residents the very next day. Tomorrow came and went. That never happened! What is the Council trying to hide?


Dennis Enright

Dennis has a long history of getting rich off of Union County taxpayers, especially those of us in Roselle. Not only has he been getting paid as a financial advisor to the Borough for years, but he is also set to make hundreds of thousands as the underwriter for the $59 million Mind & Body Complex bonds. This project is nothing but a cash cow for Enright, with Roselle residents left footing a bill we cannot afford. 



Nick Netta

If it was built in Union County, Nick Netta probably made a buck on it. Much like Dennis Enright, Netta has donated thousands of dollars over the years to Jamel Holley and Uncle Ray Lesniak, so it should not surprise us that our taxes have already paid him a pretty penny on projects like the Union County Family Courthouse and the Warinanco Sports Complex.



The Devanneys

George and Angie Devanney might be the most powerful people in Union County that you have never heard of. With Ray Lesniak for an uncle, George hasn’t exactly had to do much to get job after job in Union County. He used to be the County Manager, but abruptly “retired” once people started following the money. Now, they spend their time using their political connections to get rich off our tax dollars, brokering deals like the Park Apartments on the old Roselle golf course and the $59 million Mind & Body Complex.



Allan Roth & Rachel Caruso

If you have ever seen a Roselle Council meeting or been to a Board of Education meeting, you have seen Allan and Rachel. Allan is the lawyer for the Board of Ed., and Rachel is the Borough attorney, both from the same law firm. Their job is to provide legal advice and counsel when requested by the Board or Council, but in Roselle, these two lawyers run the show.


Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.55.57 AM.png

Jamel Holley

No one has pushed for the Mind & Body Complex harder than Jamel Holley, not even any of the big donors who stand to make millions on the project. We will let his own statements speak for themselves.


Roselle Residents,

It is time to stand up against the irresponsible $59 million Mind & Body Complex and the projected $500+ tax increase it brings with it. We currently have over 1,700 homes in some stage of foreclosure, more than 250 completely vacant or abandoned, and our median household income is only $43,3971. The numbers are stark, and we already see it on a daily basis with empty homes on what seems like every block. But this is not just about empty houses. This is about the families that were forced to leave, the parents struggling to make ends meet, and the seniors on a fixed income barely getting by.