Meet Nick Netta, Principal of Netta Architects


If it was built in Union County, Nick Netta probably made a buck on it. Much like Dennis Enright, Netta has donated thousands of dollars over the years to Jamel Holley and Uncle Ray Lesniak, so it should not surprise us that our taxes have already paid him a pretty penny on projects like the Union County Family Courthouse and the Warinanco Sports Complex.

Maybe you haven’t noticed him in Roselle before, but he always seems to pop up behind our politicians when they are getting ready to approve projects that will fill his pockets. Roselle residents cannot afford to sit back while guys like Enright and Netta make an easy buck off of us. Netta will be quickly onto his next multi-million dollar project while Roselle residents are left wondering how we are going to pay our tax bills.


Contribution History