Roselle Residents,

It is time to stand up against the irresponsible $59 million Mind & Body Complex and the projected $500+ tax increase it brings with it. We currently have over 1,700 homes in some stage of foreclosure, more than 250 completely vacant or abandoned, and our median household income is only $43,397. The numbers are stark, and we already see it on a daily basis with empty homes on what seems like every block. But this is not just about empty houses. This is about the families that were forced to leave, the parents struggling to make ends meet, and the seniors on a fixed income barely getting by.

RoselleAWARE seeks to educate and inform the community. Four years ago, we were lied to and told this project would only cause a $150 tax increase on the average taxpayer. Now, it has ballooned to over $500, with many additional costs still unknown. These aren’t scare tactics, these are simply the FACTS. We will continue sharing as much information as we have available to give you the full story behind this project and show you exactly who is getting paid.