Meet The Devanneys, Brokers for the Mind & Body Complex Project

George and Angie Devanney might be the most powerful people in Union County that you have never heard of. With Ray Lesniak for an uncle, George hasn’t exactly had to do much to get job after job in Union County. He used to be the County Manager, but abruptly “retired” once people started following the money. Now, they spend their time using their political connections to get rich off our tax dollars, brokering deals like the Park Apartments on the old Roselle golf course and the $59 million Mind & Body Complex.


You may have missed Angie at the Mind & Body Complex “groundbreaking,” but we would be giggling too if we were making as much money as the Devanneys are on this project. When the $500+ tax hike hits us, the Devanneys will have already gotten paid and be on their way to the next project, while Roselle residents are left struggling.




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